80% of manufacturing companies can increase productivity by at least 3% in one year

It is not just a phrase, it is a fact based on thirty years of our experience in automation and digitalization of production processes. Productivity is one of the key drivers of competitiveness in today’s uncertain global markets.

What is productivity?

Productivity typically measures how efficiently production inputs, such as labor and capital, are being used to produce a given level of output. Striving for high(er) productivity means maximizing output with given inputs, or minimizing necessary inputs for a given level of output. Higher productivity brings numerous benefits for the companies – from greater added value to increased investment potential, easier affordability of competent workforce (incl. higher paychecks), and enhanced flexibility and adaptability to changes.

In the context of production, the productivity is impacted by various factors, ranging from technology to process efficiency, workforce competence and others. 

How do we increase productivity?

The path to productivity growth starts with the transparency of production processes. Measurement of production process parameters and KPIs in real-time as well as analysis of their historic trends present the basis for any definition of improvement measures. 

That is why it is important to ensure continuous, accurate and (as much as possible) automatic collection of the data from production. 

Real-time process transparency provides live overview of events on production lines and enables rapid response to any stoppages. Moreover, it presents the basis for minimization of downtimes, improvement of stakeholder cooperation (e.g. production-maintenance) and enhancement of product quality.

Historic analyses provide additional insights on productivity drivers and their development over time. With them, we can identify the reasons behind the losses, outline opportunities for improvement and define appropriate improvement measures. To carry out sound historic analyses, reliable and detailed data set (with wide range of production KPIs) as well as powerful analytic tools are required.

It is also important that relevant and comprehensible data is available to all key stakeholders at all times, from production workers to management. This way, workers can receive immediate feedback on their work and on the other hand, management can monitor production developments or perform various analyses to define measures for productivity growth.

Innovative solution for productivity increase – MePIS OPEX

MePIS OPEX is a cutting-edge software solution that forms the basis for improvements in production productivity, as it enables:

  • Automatic downtime detection based on real-time data from manufacturing equipment 
  • Detailed overview of current and historical events at production lines
  • 19 key production KPIs for operational and strategic analyses as well as configurable calculation engine for custom KPIs
  • Advanced analytics with multi-correlations through OLAP based on reliable live and historic electronic data
  • Identification of critical areas and quantification of losses
  • Informing and alarming of key users (including maintenance personnel)
  • Generation of customized reports
  • Flexible downtime classification system
  • Intuitive usage for line operators (inputs) and management (overview)
  • Advanced features such as AI analytics (and others), which clearly distinguish MePIS OPEX from other OEE tools

Additionally, to ensure immediate effects and customer success, we enrich the software solution with operational and technical consulting. Through consulting, we define proposals for improvement measures ready for prompt implementation. Our approach is based on recognized optimization methodologies such as Lean and Six Sigma.

Screenshot – MePIS OPEX

Increase productivity in one year by at least 3%

With a combination of software solution and consulting, which merges modern technology with decades of optimization experience, we can increase productivity in most production companies by at least 3% within one year. 

Furthermore, with it, we establish the basis for continuous monitoring and improvement of production KPIs that ensure productivity growth in the long run. 

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